Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bangkok 13-18May'14, Day 5-6 (Last day)

The first thing few things that caught my eye in this weekend market. I've heard people say you can shop to your hearts content at Chatuchak and ship back the items to where you stay. And yes apparently they make it so convenient that you can spot a few DHL outlets within the market itself.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have your wallets ready (;

Scoops of white refreshing goodies

How to miss it. Thanks to the bf who had to resist eating it so that I can snap a hasty shot for the blog ((:

Food photos again, albeit I'm not sorry about it :p 
Thats mainly what our 6D5N bangkok trip consist of :p

And yes, some Espanol touch for the saturday lunch. There will be loud music, with the plump cute chef in the above photo being the life attraction to this little area

At a mere 150baht/ 6SGD, you can enjoy this Spanish touch of Paella rice.

Paella rice is a crucial dish in the Spanish cruisine, with me falling crazily in love with it after being seduced by it during my graduation trip in Spain. My favourite type has to be seafood Paella, with it's undisputed rich 'fresh-ocean' taste :p

Paella rice, is pronounced as 'Pae-ya' rice instead of 'Pae-la'. From the Spanish lessons in my university days, double LLs in Espanol is pronounced as Y(: However, even in self-claimed authentic spanish restaurants like Serenity, the staff still pronounces it as 'Paela'. But, I still like it the right way(:
And I do not think that the food from Serenity is worth the price tag.

Try this Chatuchak version for 6SGD. It think its pretty worth the steal(:

They also serve some beer if you must have it. The sun was grueling hot!


Hello fur friends *waves*

A random goose around Chatuchak pets area. I was hoping it wouldn't attack me when I was taking the above shots as it kept giving out the weird growling sounds

Chatuchak night market, if you can spot the faint words above

We cabbed from Chatuchak to Rod Fai market and it kind of took us a good 35mins or so. Cab fare seemed to be less than 200baht if I didn't remember wrongly. The cab driver seem to reconcile with Seacon Square instead of Rod Fai Night Market.

Seacon square is actually a 10 min walk to the Rod Fai Night market. But we took the wrong move of attempting to walk to the market by cutting through the mall. Big big mistake as we probably took 30mins to walk there, reducing me into a grumpy old lady- tired, hungry and sweaty. 

If you are alighting at Seacon square, walk in the direction of the water fountain display, crossing the road junction to reach the night market. There is a large structure with a sign pointing towards Talad Rod Fai that you can't miss. Or you can just follow the crowd. 

Not very handsome spidey

Concept cafes dot this market

I'll actually strongly recommend you to fill your tummies before heading to this area, as sittings are pretty sparse. It's basically a situation that goes like, if there are seats, all the dishes are displayed in pure thai words, if there's english translation, it's so packed you can't get a seat.

And there's no food that interest us, thus, no food photos.

And to be honest, and sadly, this is the first time/place I actually thought that Thailand's thai food isn't nice. And being a foodie, I was really disappointed ): Tom yam tasted like..idk, indescribable. Nothing was worth the calories. I would go back to Baiyoke night market here anytime


Lots of vintage cars and retro decoration here

Great way for cyclist enthusiasts to store their bikes (;

Spanky new wheels

Or vintage rusties

Sorry for the sticky sweaty photo. It was reallyyyy very humid

ET came to visit

And the bf played a game of mimicking with him

Can't help it but link it to the Archie comic's scene

And to me, this feels like it's one of the autobots trying to camouflage and hide from the evil decepticons

And that's all. The only decent sticky, sweaty shot from us. We left at about 8PM as we were really tired, and stick, and sweaty from the day.

It's our last morning in Bangkok before jetting off home.
Badgered the bf to take some we-fies with the flower crowns I brought over from TDJ for photoshoot.
or, simply, #ijustwannalookpretty :x

Gave this restaurant a try since it was so packed a couple of days, and it happened to be empty on our day back

Ordered the chef's recommendations, but sadly, it wasn't as good as expected. This is the 2nd time that it was another not-worth-it thai food ):

I used to think that thai food rock my socks anywhere in Bangkok, since it seems to always be the case. But after the Rod Fai and this above experience, it may not be a 100% hit after all. But all in all, I'm still a BKK cum thai food lover <3

We'll be back, Bangkok!
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