Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Marbled nails

Can you spot what they are? Yes, tiny delicate gold seashell charms!
I've this recent obsession over seashells documented on my instagram @thedancingjewels/ @yellowdaisypetals, and have decided to continue the obsession after my past set of nails

Can you spot the seashell on my thumb with the diamonte, silver circle to create a bubble effect?

Love how I can take shots of my recent creations in this set of spanking delightful nails without feeling conscious of my bare nails. I'm usually not a fan of dark colours and would stay to my pastel shades obsession. But this set of nails has a balanced mix of both components, a marriage of dark and light shades.
Plus it was love at first set when I saw the sleek marble effects

And the other thing that really impressed me was, how shiny the diamonte is. Can you spot a black circle in the diamonte on my fourth nail? Yes, that's the reflection of my camera lens. If you don't mind, it can double up as a miniature mirror too (;

Thank you Belle, for the wonderful and delicate service provided (:
She has such skillfull hands, I hope I didn't scare her as my eyes were fixated on her working


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Website: Glitzyfingers
Facebook/ instagram: Glitzyfingers
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I hope you love this pair up with Glitzyfingers (: Can't wait for my next set of designs. What shall I shower my nails with?(: