Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tanuki Bar

Because Thursday is the new Friday! :p

Oysters at a promotional price during the happy hour. The boy sure was happy as we ended up ordering 1 dozen of oysters.

Me: 2
He: 10

Cosmopolitan $10 (Happy hour)

Our first alcoholic drink, which seemed like a concoction of berries and such to qualify for the 6-Oysters-at-$2 each promotion

1 dozen - $24

Salmon Don $20

Salmon rice bowl with sashimi, salmon belly, aburi, and ikura

Which I found was not bad, but not worth the price tag. Prefered Ichiban Boshi's sashimi don, at $13.90 ( I think) with generous slices of sashimi. Perfect with drizzles of fragrant seasame oil.

Rekordelig (Wild Berries) Cider beer $14

Sweet with blueberries and strawberries decked in the glass.
This had the greenlight from the sir

Love Rocket $9

Fried oyster with a sprinkle of ground fish, sesame seeds,and sugar

Really liked this dish as it is less common to find deep fried oyster sushi outside, and it was quite an awesome pairing.

Rock star $10

seared salmon draped over mozzarella cheese stick and covered with
mentaiko sauce

Didn't really like it as the cheese stick, was kind of solid, and not the melted kind which we were expecting.
The salmon didn't had the melt-in-your-mouth texture either. Would prefer sushi bar's aburi salmon anytime(: Review on sushibar coming up soon

Angry Bird $6

The boy spotted another table having this and couldn't resist. And yes, this dish is called Angry bird, probably because of the spicy chinchalok condiment that came with it. We had to seek help from the staff as we couldn't spot any dish on the menu describing chicken wings 

This dish is a winner with its savoury marination, deep to the meat within, and that crispy skin. Try it in the original flavour before giving it dips. We loved it just the way it is.

Website: Tanuki Raw

Orchard Central, Level 3
Just beside the escalater, you can't miss it(;