Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Taiwan: 10-18 Oct'14 8D7N in the land of bubble tea land Day 3 Taichung

Started off Day 3's morning with local delights. How can we miss the 卤肉饭. It was really pretty tasty, but as usual, I found the proportion of fats too much.

Next up was a trip to the winery, but it wasn't anything like what we imagined. No wineyards or wine tasting like the aussie style. It's more like a trip to the wine museum to learn it's history. Not exactly our cuppa tea though.

Stopped over for lunch by the road side. A daring exclamation on their food, but we thought it was soso only

And that's our fatty lunch

Armed with my favourite milk tea from the 7-11 stores for the afternoon

Located not far from our main destination, Cingjing farm, is this little Swiss cottage which we popped by for a look first since our driver informed us we had some time before the sheep feeding show (which it appears not eventually ): )

Admission fee is about 120TWD per adult (with the senior citizen having 50% off if I didn't recall wrongly), and you receive coupons in exchange for food items from the little cafe within.

羊羊dispensing duck feed

Flowers were scarce when we went there, except for the remaining florals in the tent.

The boy obliged to my request of having him wear the cap for our "style-nanda' wannabe effect :p
Okay, actually it's because I wanted to wear my retro shades and the stripy cap will be over the top(:

And that's all for the Swiss cottage. Honestly didn't have much in the garden that interests us.
Well at least I had my Cinderella dreams in my pumpkin carriage.

A gentle reminder to avoid throwing rubbish at the sheeps. Well, that's if there are sheeps roaming around. mehhh

The cutest rubbish bins around

 Never leaving my milk tea :p

They also have horse rides there for a fee, but no sheeps in sight yet. We made our way further down in an attempt to hunt for more sheeps. 

Finally target spotted

And it was kind of a mess as the sheeps bulldozed their way everywhere, and only those who had sheep feed successfully got close to them.

Remember to get hold of sufficient sheep feed if you want a nice shot with the meh mehs.

Managed to only pat the back of one that scurried by

Cheating one that I had something yummy in my hands

And of course, I couldn't outsmart them. mehh ):

Lucky boy.

The goat ice creams which were on massive sales as announced via the loud hailers as we made our way out of the farm. And as substantiated by other reviews online, I would recommend not to try them.

It has a super 骚 goat taste, which I'm particularly sensitive to.

To be honest, we were pretty disappointed at our visit to the Cingjjng farm. We spent probably only an hour or so as we couldn't spot any sheep roaming about, nor did we get closeups with the fur friends.

200TWD on weekends 
160 TWD on weekends

Senior citizens enjoy 50% off

Website: Here
Opening hours
Daily: 8:00am – 4:00pm
Holiday: 8:00am – 5:00pm

We stopped by the magnificent and charming architecture as the car drove down the hill from Cingjing farm and slotted in some time for photo taking.

 Welcome to my humble abode(:

Style-nanda attempt, pass?(:

We decided to cut the night short from doing touristy visits and spent the rest of the night piggy out at the local night market :p

And from this night onwards, my camera broke down on me):
Bear with me for the rest of our 5 days in Taiwan using the iphone (: