Monday, January 12, 2015

Taiwan: 10-18 Oct'14 8D7N in the land of bubble tea land Day 5: Taipei

Another must have in Taiwan apart from their local delights at the night market would be the fresh seafood that they can offer at irresistibly reasonable prices. As an island nation surrounded by the sea, you will be missing out a whole lot should you not love seafood! It’s no wonder seafood is so popular in Taiwan.

With the utmost importance of satisfying our tum tums, we headed to Addiction Aquatic Development.

It seem to be a hotspot amongst locals and tourists. With it’s rustic feel of crates as eating areas, remember to get a spot before making a beeline for the food arena inside. Else there are also standing areas and bartop dining within the air conditioned interior.

With the major chief chef from Japan, Mr. Tadashi Takeda overlooking the 12 meter sushi counter, it is the best stage for introducing aquamarine food products. Good, fast, and value driven ingredients are provided, demonstrating the efficiency and vivacity of the fish market’s atmosphere.

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed with their fresh selection of seafood once you enter the premises.
In the live aquamarine area, temperature controlled tanks contain live seafood from all over the world, providing general consumers and business consumers live fish processing and cooking services.
Are you feeling hungry already?!

Wash down your seafood with their high quality selection of champagne and red wine. Where else better than here to enjoy top notch seafood and exquisite wine?

Slabs and slabs of salmon sashimi starting from 10SGD and sea urchins for ~15SGD. We nearly went crazy! It was so hard to choose with our limited tummy capacities!

If you need something cooked and warm to gear up your gastric juices before tucking in, they have a section for that as well! Deliciously glazed slabs of fishes, grilled prawns (only at SGD 1+!)

Even economical rice- the AAD way (120NTD for 4 dishes, ~4.50SGD). Their prices are so friendly we had such a hard time selecting our food!

They are so well equipped with their arrays of drinks you can really eat to your heart’s content here without fretting not having what you want. And did I miss mentioning they even have fresh fruit produces?!
They even have dried produces should you want to bring any home.

We finally rounded up our purchases for tuck in. All utensils can be found beside the cashier.

 Bottle openers are located just outside the exit. Aren’t they entirely considerate?

Juicy crabs at only 1004NTD/~42SGD!

My SGD 1+ grilled prawn 

Fried rice which tasted pretty good and went well with the grilled prawn.

Dad's lunch since he is not a fan of raw food. Don't belittle the fish. It's really well marinated and grilled to perfection.

Plates of sashimi and sea urchin at only ~10-15SGD each!

A very kind staff came over to demonstrate how the back of the chopsticks can be used to open the soy sauce container. How innovative!(:

And here’s our feast, completely filling the table.
Those must have been the most reasonable and juicy crabs we ever had. Oh bring me back to Taiwan now!


台北市民族東路410218 (看地圖)

營業時間 週一至週日 06:00~24:00

TEL.02-2508-1268 FAX.02-2508-0268 


No.18, Aly. 2, Ln. 410, Minzu E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City.( Map)

Hours of Operation: 06:00 to 24:00

TEL. 886-2-2508-1268 FAX. 886-2-2508-0268

After lunch, we cabbed further down for some exploration. 

Psst, we didn't catch the name of the coffee joint so we just named it as the above

We stumbled upon this coffee joint which we really liked. The boss was really friendly, like most of the Taiwanese and generously educated us with the different types of coffee beans.

We were given canisters of coffee beans to smell and choose before they grind it freshly for us.This cosy little café only specialises in coffee and we overhead some taitai’s requesting for some cheesecakes, which a pity the café didn’t sell. But it certainly sounds like a great combination.

A pity I don’t take coffee, this shot is just for instagramming purposes (:


Personal: @yellowdaisypetals

Spot those paper tops kept at the overhead shelf. Many locals here purchases the coffee beans and have them stored at the café, similar to the liquor concepts in Singapore where customers get to open bottles and have them stored till the next trip.

This is the ice drip coffee that is currently in the rage in Taiwan and you can spot this in most coffee joints. The ice cubes are housed in the glass canisters and upon melting, they drip into the lower canister of coffee powder which further accentuates and taste and scent of the coffee. Don’t miss a cup if you pop by!

Coffee prices are real reasonable, about 50-80NTD ( 2-3SGD) per cup, inclusive of a coffee session if you are by the bar area and the boss is around for chit chat (: They also sell coffee beans for takeaway if any tugs your tastebuds.


We swung over next to the highly raved Fujin tree 353 café. We couldn't resist checking out the Home section just opposite the cafe. 


The café is nothing short of quirky and rustic display and merchandises for purchases.


They offer a selection of confectionary and coffee for tea time with the perfect ambience. Fujin 353 is pretty much commercialised as compared to the homely and cosy coffee joint we stumbled upon earlier on. Their café holds by a at least one order by customer policy which we only learnt of upon settling down and all 3 of us had to get something from the menu.

The boyfriend ordered brown sugar coffee as recommended online but it seems to be not his cup of tea. 

As a non-coffee connoisseur, I ordered a milk tea drip ( I think) which is supposedly one of their house special, but turned out to be bland and milky. 

We ended the day with trips around the fish shops area around the vicinity.