Thursday, September 17, 2015

17/9 TDJ captures

Audrey decked in the knitted comfort of our Tyler knitted crosstop top, now all sold out. But fret not as backorders are now opened!

This casual top goes well in denim and flats for a casual day out, or pair it in the Lace willow skirt like how our model did for a more fanciful touch.

We have them in grey and white classics as well.

In deep red hues, Sherlyn looks ravishing in this immaculately decked lace piece. The wine shades form an intense touch over the nude inner lining providing a perfect contrast.

We love the low back details that provides some teasers for this midi number.

Splurge vs Save
Splurge: Bottega Veneta; Intrecciato metallic leather key fob
Price: SGD 275

Save: The Dancing Jewels; Botte handphone case for iphone6/6+
Price: SGD20

Backorders closing 16 Sept 2015 23:59--> First BO closed and will reach end Sept.
2nd BO ia now opened and will close 24 Sept 2015 23:59 and will reach mid Oct

Due to popular demand for the Botte handphone cases, we are opening a 2nd backorder for it.
YAY! Don't miss it again!

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