Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Bangkok 2015 18/9-24/9 Day 1 Shanghai Mansion

Hello everyone! 

Finally I'm working on the latest blogpost on my yearly love affair with Bangkok (:
Super hyped to be heading there and got dressed in Culottes and flats. What better than comfy flight wear?

Contrary to how most people head to Bangkok for a quick weekend retreat, the bfie stays firm on his stand that since the air tickets have been paid for, we should go longer.

And needless to say, I happily obliged.
Why not? My favourite place to eat and shop :D (ignoring the amount of potential calories that's going into my tummy)

We love trying out new hotels since we come here yearly and have such a long duration to spare. We stayed in 2 different hotels during this trip.

For our first hotel, we picked Shanghai Mansion located in Chinatown for our first 3D2N stay.
Twirl into the 1960s Shanghai vibes with the oriental vibes that penetrates the whole hotel right into

your rooms and washrooms.

To be honest, the wooden bed frame is a very refreshing experience but really a pain when I need to use the washroom in the middle of the night as you can only get onto the bed from the ends of the frame, unless you don't mind climbing over the edges.

Felt very amused with the traditional door lock that seems to suggest that we are staying in the rurals.
Fret not for the safety, they have a better functioning lock beneath. Spot the knob.

Pushed open the red toilet doors and startled myself with the huge bird cage hanging in the toilet.

Totally wasn't expecting it.
But I got used to it after that (:

and yes, there are 2 artificial birds inside too.

The mini bar sits beneath the TV console, and it's complimentary!
Yep! Everything is complimentary and they will replenish it daily.

Shanghai Mansion 
Approx 48SGD/night including taxes 

Free wifi in the room and lobby. 
Remember to bring your own 2pin plugs for the hotels in Bangkok.

(look out for the huge Chinatown Scala signage. It's located just at the entrance into the main street of Chinatown before you spot the seafood restaurants "T&K" and its competitor.)

Headed out to refuel our tanks before taking our afternoon nap. We dropped by this stall located some distance from our hotel which seemed to be pretty popular from the crowd.

Can't go wrong with the crowd right?

But honestly we were pretty disappointed as the prices were steeper than other areas though still considered cheap if you convert to SGD. And we didn't find the dishes very lip smacking.

We hit the pillows after checking in as the poor bfie was clearing work the previous night and barely had any rest.

 Our batteries only got recharged in the evening and we headed out looking for food.
It was still early so we killed some time after we found Tesco in the vicinity and stuffed our baskets with instant noodles and chips


Found this mini hawker center and decided to head over for some exploration

As how we always eat, the bfie and I only ordered one dish for sharing so we can try other dishes. Definitely very crucial since we have very little tummies and he tends to overestimate what he can eat


It appears pork leg is his love-at-first-sight in Bangkok.
Porkleg over me ):
This is the 2nd pork leg indulgence and it's only our first day at Bangkok.

Bfie still concludes the stall in Pratunam is still the best ( will blog about it), and so I had to plead with him to stop trying before I suffer from "collagen attack" from all the pork skin and just go for his proclaimed Best Pork Leg in Bangkok.

I mean there's no kick to just eat the meat and not the "collagen" since there's where all the soft, melted goodness is hiding.

After dinner, we can't help but spot loads of people crowding over this roadside stall.
Being a typical foodie and inquisitive one to be precise, we headed over to see what's the hype.

Apparently you can choose from different flavours of sauces e.g chocolate sauce, condensed milk to go over the fragrantly toasted buns.

Carrying a hugeeee DSLR canon in the night market is really conspicious. And it seems one of the guys at the store decided to prank his friend by telling him I was shooting at him. And upon recollection, he posed for the shot, but only realised that I was shooting the above bun shot.

And he was super embarrassed while his friend burst out laughing.


It was really quite funny at that awkward moment. And I said, 

"Come, let me shoot one more with both of you"

And this time the guy (in yellow) got smarter and hid behind his friend, in case he gets pranked again.

Hehe, thanks for obliging you nice people!

Really love thai people, always so nice and friendly (:

We brought back the buns to the hotel to eat cos the bfie just finished his dessert and was pretty full. 
We took condensed milk and chocolate sauce buns and it's really pretty good how the buns are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Would definitely recommend it to be consumed on the spot so it's more shiok!

Stay tuned for the other days!