Tuesday, October 27, 2015

27/10 TDJ Captures

It's a collection of favourites in this week's TDJ Captures!

First up has to be Francesca and her favourite Starstruck sandals in gold from our store, being a timeless classic in it's milky way vibes and glamorous stars, Audrey also styles the Starstruck sandals in silver effortless.

We also have Careese from LA styling our Havard trench dress with neat buttons and sleek greys.
Inject some feminity with lacy white ankle socks styled with soft cream heels, similar to our Washington heels in cream.

Complete your headturner outfit with the runway inspired, attention grabbing Botte handphone case in silver. We have them for iphone 6 and 6+ too!

What better way to attend the dinner with your beau then to style it with some pearls for some lustre?
We love how Jaclyn S injects some cream into her sweet outfit of pink from our Euston creme pearl clutch.

Or style it with coat and pants like how Willabelle wins the pastel game in her immaculate ensemble of suit and buttons, complete with pearls.

Another of everyone's all time favourites to live the mermaid dreams. 
Here's the seashell encrusted pearls clutch, Alyssa creme clutch that has been raving in many praises, whether it is styled with cobalt blue like how Julette exudes elegance in her maxi dress, or how Willabelle nails it with her fuschia romper

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