Thursday, August 26, 2010

sometimes,shit just happens

A few of you may wonder, why did i suddenly stop putting my designs at The Haji for sale.
its not that sales was bad.
there were people who loved my designs.

its the management that made me really pissed off.
They owed me my deposit of about $100, and my final month sales of $200plus, not to forget the website which they promised to be wonderful, and yet did not deliver it, and that cost me $300 which was supposed to be up for a year.

I have the contract in black and white, but apparently when i consulted the HELP from the Small claims, the person reviewed that signing a contract also means accepting the risk that the other contracted party will go back on its words. so technically, it seems, even signing the contract has no use, when u meet people like THE HAJI.

The haji/ paper people -->49A Haji Lane S189242

They refuse to pick up my calls, or answer my emails. and even if they did, the boss, suffian will just push the responsibility to Juliah who was supposed to give me payment. which she never did. Even if the line got through and they gave their word to pay me, they did not. I made a few trips down with my kind friends who gladly sacrificed the time for me. They were always not in the shop, and the sales person always only asked me to leave my contact and get suffian/juliah to get back to me. But needless to say, they didn't.

I did my part, paid the rent on time but they never did. No proper website, no sales payment and report biweekly. In fact, i was the one who provided the sales report from my constant recording when i did stock counting. There was even the incident when they even calculated wrongly after draggin the payment for the initial months.

I still recalled one incident when one bracelet was stolen, and juliah refuses to take responsibility, saying that she will get the money from the salesgirl and then give it to me. needless to say, i didn't receive the money. its only when my bestie went down with me, and made them pay me for my lost item. How can they shirk such responsibility when they were the ones who employed the salesgirl and had security camera.

I made a police report, and was directed to go back to small claims. I wanted to file a report initially and sent The Haji a letter out of niceness and they promised to return me the money. when Juliah asked me to go to the shop to collect the money, i thought i'll finally have my money back. but the shop was closed. and i couldn't contact her after that. i was too miffed and irritated to go and make a big fuss via the small claims. its too much unhappiness for me to take.

I was approached by their staff to put my things there for sale, promised of a decent working website and prompt payment, which of course, nothing was delivered.

this post may inadvertably be advertisement for them. but i can no longer stomach the negative feelings i have for them, and all blog owners should be wary of this shop. I have been kind enough to give them chances and chances, to wait patiently for the payment, and this is the limit.

oh wait. did i also forget to mention that juliah threw a pen at me and my bestie and raised her voice to say :" i'm not going to pay, i just refuse to pay now, what are you going to do" when my bestie tried to get back the deposit of $100 in advance when they were making earlier payments

it has been almost a year from when they owed me my last payment.
i'm about to start work too. just take it that life is unfair, and its a lesson earned. I'm going to focus on boosting to my etsy sales as i do not wish to go through such experiences again.

thinking of that shop just spoils my mood.