Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I graduated... from sembawang beach, to be continued

Sembawang beach/park

Went to sembawang beach with alethea today (:
surprisingly, its more pretty then i expected!

A said the trees and leaves are so pretty it resembles the parks in London, just that London's parks have more flowers then S park!

And some of the random shots I took along the way (:

A with her usual funny expressions

*spots water cooler*
me: wheee! water cooler! is the water nice
* A makes face*
A: no! it taste metallic!

thennn, we saw the park! wheeee! so excited!
and we did a perfect jump shot together, with just ONE attempt
*beams* I'm so proud of us

and i saw the swing! loveeesss swingggg
ran to the swing and made A take photos of me =p

obviously i took better shots =p can see her in every picture! while half of my face is gone for half of the quad shots =p

and playing around with the different apps from iphone. Iphone apps rocks! and its free! i think its called KTH or something. its in korean, but no biggie. not much difference. the descriptions of the different effects are in english (:

love this shot (: combined KTH with the camera bag app which i paid for lately =p
and then i decided we have to eat our waffles before it turned soggy! and that ends our swing craze. i'll be back! for the slides, cos other people hijacked our space ):

our hoegarden drink, and the tiny bottle cap opener i bought from brussels! I'm sure glad i bought it, if not i'll have no idea how to open!

wheeee, my pretty first handmade skirt i made myself (:


*nomnomnom* chews on the soggy waffle

love this effect, though half our faces get cut off half the time.haha

the medal reads: world greatest
teeheehee. disclaimer: i didnt buy this for myself!
the medal reads: YOU PASSED!

yep i did! I graduated from school! and i passed my driving! WHEEE!

Adding some ice and pouring out the beer. love how the level of the beer increases in each square

A: "i'm a ballerina"
me: I'm a good photographer (:

admiring the flowers/fruits.
A: they are so PRETTTYY!!

just a random shot

some of our very limited graduation photos due to unforeseen circumstances =S we will be back for more!

and my *i tossed the graduation hat*
i simply just can't get enough of that

since we decided we would be back for more due to time constraints today, we just changed out of the attire. it was MAD MAD HOT!

thats very hawt! thats very hawt! hawt hawt hawt! hahah from chocoboys. its superrrr funny!

some emo shots

it was suppose to be a nice 'i'm standing in the middle of the road cos there are no cars now' or ' i'm walking towards the camera now' (as instructed by
A) but all the other shots look ugly. or maybe i just ruin them.hahaa!

We'll be back, S park ((:

After tuition
And my legs hurt badly ): especially on the way home from tuition. sob sob

And i realise it happens when i drink alcohol and not drink enough water after that! the same thing happened, but this time to my hands, after the deloitte party. Guess i drank too much and keep taking photos, so i guess that hand moved alot and thus it hurt. sounds silly, but i think thats the explanation!

googled and found this:

There are two main reasons why legs ache after drinking alcohol. One, alcohol intake increases the content of lactic acid in your body. Excessive build up of lactic acid in your body can lead to cramps or pain in your muscles. Two, alcohol leads to dehydration. Your body ends up falling short on electrolytes, and you tend to experience muscle pain or cramps. Of course, just how dehydrated you get will depend on what you drink, and how much of it you drink. The problem will only accentuate if you head home after a night of heavy drinking and directly collapse onto your bed. In such cases, you will most probably wake up the next morning with noticeable pain in your legs. The solution to this problem is to drink plenty of water before you go to sleep. Water intake will not only hydrate you, but will also lessen the concentration of built-up lactic acid in your body. This will help in reducing the chances of leg ache and muscle soreness. Also, eating foods that are rich in carbohydrates can be beneficial in these circumstances."

The problem will only accentuate if you head home after a night of heavy drinking and directly collapse onto your bed. In such cases, you will most probably wake up the next morning with noticeable pain in your legs.

so wasn't the case! I felt the pain when i was walking home from sembawang park. and I only drank a little bottle of hoegarden ): how commeeee ): i think that time after convocation ball, i drank more then that and i didnt really feel the pain. A didn't feel good after the drink too. no more alcohol to beach next time. we buy apple juice XD