Saturday, January 14, 2012

Clash of the prints

blouse. hongkong. sweater. sixties inspired. shorts. far east. leopard print belt. next
floral hair clip. DIY. vintage watch. hong kong. skull ear studs. gifted

A total clash of prints

1. checkered
2. Hermes inspired
3. Leopard prints

I'm secretly quite surprised that it could look pretty good together. Perhaps its because all the clashing prints are on the same end of the colour palatte: i.e mustard and camel

It was supposed to be an outfit which wasn't meant to be overdressed, which explained the first picture without the sweater. To look good but not overly done. But as I was heading out for a movie and I am terrified of the cold monster in the cinema, I randomly grabbed this sweater.

And I must say, I'm pleased with the clash (: