Tuesday, January 10, 2012

a day by the beach

Finally some exercise for my lazy bones with Angeline at eastcoastpark (:

Its breaktime at brussels sprouts (:

This baileys irish cream is absolutely awesome!
totally loving it

Absolutely wonderful mussels


A heavenly combination dipping those fries in the sauce from the first pot and excess garlic from the 2nd.
And the best part? It's happy hour from 5pm-7pm, which entitled us to enjoy the 2 lovely part of starters mussels with fries at $25++

The life of enjoyment :p

All wiped out

Hopefully the gain in calories have been offset by those cycling, though i hardly doubt so. But with those awesome food tantalising me, i don't wanna care!

Very amused by the moss-embedded-abandoned-bike by the rocks

Some random seashells I picked from the sand

I was initially very excited by these pretty tiny shells, and got even more so when I saw heaps on them on the rocks. okay maybe not heaps, but a couple of them. I excitedly removed them from the rocks and brought it to between my friend and I. But those shells suddenly moved, and i screamed in horror.

Upon enlightenment from my friend, it turns out that those were sea snails!

oops. silly me.

Love to hear the sounds of waves hitting upon those rocks

unglam pose caught

What an enjoyment to be able to be sitting on the rocks by the beach, looking at the sea and enjoying the sea breeze