Saturday, March 24, 2012

Salty Affair

Salty affair

Parties in the affair:

1. Cherry tomatoes
2.German Biershinken
3. Egg
4. Onion flavoured cheese
5. Bread
6. Magarine

1. Fry the egg till cooked ( I didn't fry the egg till the egg yolk is thoroughly cooked, I like it abit runny )
Sprinkle abit of salt and pepper when it is still in the pan cooking

2. Soak cherry tomatoes in water and slice them into half

3. Slice the german biershinken

4.  Dice the cheese into the size you want

5. Apply magarine on the bread and heat  it up for a while on the pan

6. Eat them!

I personally like this kinda german biershinken as compared to the normal picnic ham. Its abit more saltish, and the texture is abit softer. But the saltiness is diluted with the slices of white bread and tomatoes.

A simple english breakfast to give me calories to burn off for my kickboxing class later.

Got to run!

good bye! <3

Happy weekends!

psst: there's ikea sale later and I'm so going! yayys (: