Sunday, March 11, 2012

of duck meat and rose

i was flipping through my photos in the cam and found this batch of  food pics.
My meetup with sophia 2 sundays ago at Asian Kitchen


Love the duck meat there esp (;

After that poor sophia had to head back home to stand-by for any audit files to be sent to her for her to work on.

i'm glad i've moved out of audit (:

and into my new job. learning curve was steep. and just that day itself i brought out my messy notes to rewrite them into neater ones in preparation of my first month-end closing. 

looking back, i'm so glad its over now. But there are still new challenges coming on and also the next month end cum quarter end with the new system.

Lets hope i survive it!

Was sitting at starbucks waiting for him to pick me up. We were supposed to go somewhere but I simply cannot remember where. oops. and he was so late. I don't know why.

But when I went to the car, i found out why (:

love bought me my first stalk of rose after valentine's day (: