Monday, March 05, 2012

one stalk of red

trenchcoat dress. sponsored by him. pastel scarf. DIY. ring. thedancingjewels. nude heels. code red. 
gold vintage ring and jacket. gifted

Pardon me for the lousy outfit photo snapped. It was an awfully busy day today at work and I was frantically trying to meet my deadlines which was due tmr.

Slogged till 8plus and waited for him to pick me up after work.
As usual, I slumped into the seat, waiting for him to pass me the little pillow which he does as usual

except today,

it came with

totally made working late on mondays less terrible (:

We headed to thomson for dinner. I wanted to go to the 'tuckshop' place, sadly, it was closed on monday.

oh wells

so we went to this thai place around the corner

the weird looking drink with the name that went something like blue cream ...( i can't remember, it tasted too ....  unusual)

anyway, the taste was as unsual as the drink

phat thai and my guy

fried tiny split wings

not bad. 

i like the crispyness

random rumball in the bakery along thomson which I have yet to try since i left it in his car and forgot to bring up.

I was digging for my coins to buy this rum ball but I only had thirty cents.

and he rummaged for coins in his pocket

and he had


seventy cents!

we are a purfect match, aint we(:

Mango sticky rice,one of my favourite thai dishes since my first trip to bangkok last year.
but this wasn't fantastic sadly.

Baa Baa Black Sheep at Bukit Timah still rocks <3

thanks love (: 

For the one litre of love, one stalk of red, 
and one oval of mirror (for my victorian frame)