Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Honey combs and paintings in France

A week in snapshots.

A honeycomb bangle, smelted, hammered and crafted and by a talented Taiwanese designer, with little swarovski crystals encased within the honey comb.

Available at TDJ

Milky ice cream topped with honeycomb. It's a pretty awesome blend of honey and cream, but I couldn't get used to the plastic texture of the honeycomb. 

As the clock struck 12, I told the boyfie, "it's the 14th. Do you know what important date it is?" 

Tuesday, he answered. 

Me: no, somethin more important 

He sank into deep thoughts but couldn't recall anything.

Me: 14th! The 14th 

As I said with my eyes wide open, indicating the importance of the date. "It's 6 more months to my birthday!!" I think he nearly choked 

Our meal after a swim-- not exactly how an exercise should end actually :p

After tea with burgers, wings and fries with my new found friend on Instagram!

The colours of the florals after the first painting. It really is amazing how they turn out under different water conditions. The works definitely look much better after they are dry.

Added in the finishing touches

And the talented works of my friend, N

And yes, we painting in France, admist the club music. It's quite funny how the cafe plays clubbing music with a mix of techno on a Wednesday afternoon.

It' really amazing how I managed to find a instagram friend with similar interest and work on watercolour painting and calligraphy. It really reminds me of the IRC days where you make friends in the online forum, but half the time all the stuff are not true.

These days, we are talking about truth and hobbies (:

N introduced me to the PV cupcakes around the little streets of Holland V

As the clock striked today, the boyfie asked me, "b, do you know what is the date today?" 

My brain started processing the numbers and the declared: Ya! It's 2 days and 1 month to your birthday! Feeling pretty smart and proud of myself.

He: no no.
Feeling perplexed, I looked at him.

He: 1 day and 6 months ago, it's your birthday!

He chuckled with triumph #copycat #nooriginality#okyouwin #hueysyh

An epic example of a tit-for-tat for pranking him yesterday.

And that's how my day in "France" ended, over chocolates and cupcakes(:

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