Friday, April 10, 2015

Tea time and painting

Thank you Cosmopolitan for the little feature in Apr'15's issue!
It was a last minute Valentine's day outfit with the beau when we scooted out for dinner and to drop off TDJ stocks at Kissjane, before we head back for more pineapples.

It was a hurrid snap and I'm glad it turned out well(:

The little accomplishments of attending Grace Ciao's watercolour workshop(:
What do you think?

After attending her workshop, I have been thinking of attempting my own strokes.

And admist afternoon tea, I spent the time painting a threat note for the boyfriend.

The font colours are mixed and it ended up being in a very similar shade to the homemade thai ice tea by the bfie.

The bfie bought a pack of Thai tea leaves, which he brewed whenever I get my milk tea cravings. Even if it means late at night when he's at my place, he will brew it for me and store it in the chiller so I can enjoy the next day (:

Love is where the milk tea is, where he is.

And an inspirational note to all of you hanging on to your dreams.

Hold on, drink milk tea

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