Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Dancing Jewels celebrates Spring Part 2!

Hello ladies, we hoped you love the Part 1 of our Spring celebration! Complete part 2 with pastel palettes of whites, pinks, blues. 

In feminine curves, Henderson scallop dress in white plays with the whites with scallop hemlines and bustier and laser cuts. It adds a pop of texture to the other wise plain white dress.

Brighten up your day with Fuschia lady skirt with it's topping of hot  pink in polyester blend. It's folded creases creates an extra flare for the skirt.

Crafted with pocketed quilts, pearls and goldware, Strafford quilted bag is one of our favourite picks from this collection. The sleek pockets of soft leather adds the additional 3D concoction, sealing the look with elegant pearls along the goldware.

Top coated with goldplating, this classic piece is sure to have a space in our own collection.

We also have it in the classic black flavour.

Showering you with delicates, Peach kisses skirt dedicates a soft fushion of laces and mesh overlay.
It's demure cuts and pastel settings can't help but remind us of marshmallows.

For the perfect weekend date, pull back your hair into a sleek ponytail, choose that rougue red lippe, and frolick in our Embroidery cut Ashley dress. Complete with an inner tube, this white number provides sufficient coverage yet revealing enough teasers through it's laser cut embroidery crafts.

A baby shade addition to the Cale halter top, we couldn't resist this basic baby blue with it's elegant cuts. We love the pastel palette complete with the upcoming Vera Skirt. It's defining streaks in alternating patterns amphs up the otherwise plain design.
(Vera dress also available here and here)

And because we can't get enough of offshoulder designs, Cherish ruffled top  took our breathe away with it's simple cuts, yet eye catching ruffle drape. It's runched up shoulders adds the extra layer of chic-ness, allowing it to score both the corporate and casual arena.

Complete the look with Vera skirt in black, we love these neutral hues of feminity.

To combat the blistering sun these days, keep cool with our Snowfall lace offshoulder. It's flutter out scallop sleeve injects an unmistakable dosage of feminity.

Pair it with Lavender shorts to whisk you straight into the lavender fields in it's it's floral prints.

Pair this versatile lace offshoulder with the classic Becca black jumper,  closed toes and you are ready to sashay for TGIF at work. Inject some gold with our Vancouver bag

To inject some patterns to your jumper collection, we have Sonja stripe jumper with it's nononsense corporate stripes, ending with a wide flair cut.

Last but not least, should you prefer something softer, snuggle up with our Fur clutch in baby pink. An instant conversation starter in bubblegum flavour, we love this fully lined fur baby.

See you 26Apr'15 8PM for our Spring Part 2!


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