Sunday, August 30, 2015

TDJ x Cream and Custard

A gem located at Tiong Bahru vicinity, sits this cosy little cafe that prides itself in creating and baking delicious treats.

Oops you got me!

As we reached there early in the morning, not all the bakes have been completed, but you get the drift of all the pretty little things don't you?

Can we just have calories switched off for the day and indulge in these delicious array of sweets?


Opened by a sibling team, Melissa and Wesley Hoe, thank you for having us. It was a joy shooting at your quaint little cafe. Coming to two months old, this little cafe may be small, but it's desserts are bound to keep you coming for more.

  We had to reward us and our tummies with some of these sweet bakes didn't we. I had to hold back my greedy dessert monster as the girls P and V are tiny eaters (:
We couldn't resist the new creation by Melissa. This chocolate bomb melts down to showcase hidden crunches and passionfruit cream inside.

This goodness if you are wondering, is called Black Ball.
You have to watch the video here

Too rich, too good.

A little story behind this, three years back, Melissa was in London and was impressed by this dessert served at Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant. Now, in her own kitchen creating new cakes for her very own cafe, she serves this dessert inspired by Gordon Ramsay and team.

We can't wait for Melissa to travel again, don't you? (:

Thanks P and V, my angels for helping me(:

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Cafe credits:

Cream and Custard
46 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore S(160046)
Opening hours: 11am-9pm except Sundays
+65 91118696
10 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru

Psst, you have to follow their facebook and instagram to get visual kicks of those pretty desserts! Plus they have fresh creations updated there.
We promise you will love this place (:

Apparels shot in this cafe will be coming up tonight 30/8 at 8PM!

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