Friday, August 28, 2015

Things I do on my day off

During one of those days when I got sick of eating outside food and wanted a break from rice and noodles, baking chicken has been an easy way out. To avoid the overload of potatoes for the day, since I couldn't resist but popped a curry puff during teabreak, it was a great idea to cook up dinner with the remaining apples.
Tossed apples with cinnamon, nutmeg and garlic, before placing a chicken thigh marinated with salted on top for baking, it's an dinner-ready situation.
Decided to stuff the rest of the ingredients into the coconut for baking as it took me 30mins to hack it open to get the juice and flesh. Thank goodness my fingers are still intact (:
Ended off the night baking famous-amos style chocolate chip cookies.
Attempted some variation ad wrapped leftover mashmallows with the chocolate chip dough, resulting in heavily deflated cookies, with the ugly "portmaks" from the melts.
How do you spend your offdays?