Monday, August 24, 2015

Onto the rocks, into the drain with my love

Me: I wanna go lower into the water to shoot.
Him: Don't go so near, you will fall into the water.
Me: Ah!
   Gasps aloud upon stepping on some unstable rocks as some of them are not firm and they shake/topple when there's a force placed upon. The blistering sun that heated up the rocks pressing against the feet made it quite a challenge too.

Him: Be careful, come up!

I never listen sometimes.
He still lets me have my way but the moment I'm climbing up the rocks he held out his hand, ready to offer me support if I need it.

A big fat kiss dedicated to my boy, who spent his Sunday shooting for me despite only having 4hours of sleep and getting physically involved in his project of 5 hours since the morning.

No cafe hopping, no shopping on weekends. But getting ourselves sticky and sweaty are how our dates lately.

On the rocks, into the drain, thanks for doing this for me and with me, despite my insistence when I don't want you to risk getting injured, you wanted to just make it right for me.

Thank you love <3

Got a couple of nasty mosquite bites for the shoot but I'm really loving the photos. Hope you love them too(: