Wednesday, August 05, 2015

05/8 TDJ captures, white out in Optimus prime

In a blend of pixie styled hems, laces, dreamy stars and pearl clutch, I must say this is a setmeal of whites and nots in a perfect white out.

It's soft elements complement each other complete with the slight shimmer radiating from the lace ups

Dress: Upcoming

All right big boys, it's time to save the human planet.
Can't help it but induolge in a moment of  Optimus prime with these big vehicles.

I kind of fancy the metal elements in this photoshoot. What do you think?

Yet another mermaid fangirl moment with my new nails of whites and seashells.

Absolutely one of my favourite pieces in the upcoming collection

Which look would you prefer? A soft dreamy take with lace white ups and dreamy stars or the style-nanda inspired look toughened with black and gold boxes of vintage?

Dress: Upcoming


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