Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Indiana

 throwover.thrifted.brown skirt.bugis.vintage bling studs. diva. vintage gold ring. grandma' clutch.ferragamo. Red toad ring and gold cuff. hongkong.

I decided to bet against the weather of not raining and just head out with my clutch. Sick of carrying a bag to hold my umbrella and as a result, keep getting knocked by people in the crowded train.

The brown skirt reminds me of Indiana Joannes while the throwover reminds me of christmas! Love the fur balls and the hoodie (: And i do realise that drawing the eyeliner upwards really sharpens up the face!

High tea with kbb at TWG (: Sadly this moose is wayyyy to sweet with the combination of berries and chocolates

An attempt to fight off the calories ingested

And to stay within healthy diet (: