Tuesday, December 20, 2011

white leopard

Shiny leopard prints top.orchard.vintage washed out top.bugis.Shorts.Orchard.earstuds. gifted.necklace.handmade www.thedancingjewels.com 

We had lunch at Nex's Xian De Lai, it was $25.90++ for the buffet. The fruit tea was a weird concoction of dragonfruit, orange and pineapple. It just seemed like a mixture of whatever fruits that were in the kitchen. It sure tasted weird.

I only remember liking the fried prawn cheese wanton that they served. Overall, I don't think it was a good deal considering I dont eat alot too. Just wanted to try it since I saw it on TV before.

Tried and tested! But not my cuppa tea!

Bought a pair of 'diamond' studs! Have always wanted such bling simple studs (:

Spotted the classic trademark wear of my friend at Mango. teehee

And so the start of the resignee's life begins (: