Friday, December 30, 2011

My penguin tail

asymmetrical shirt shirt. bugis. brown belt. bugis. shorts. fareast. bag. gifted. bracelets. taiwan. necklace. handmade and fareast. shades.cotton on. watch gifted

Love the penguin tail styled top!


Absolutely adorable random baby spotted at fareast

We finished with dinner at Cine Leisure. This place was really interesting! We were given a 30cm plate for $8.90 (which comes with a bowl of soup), and we could take as much food as we want so long it fits the plate!

There were pasta with tomato sauce, pasta salad, fruits (rockmelon and watermelon that day), olives, vegetables, corn, mushroom, onion ring, potato salad, mash potato, brocoli, garlic bread and many more!

A great deal for a meal in orchard since we 3 girls shared them! (;