Monday, December 05, 2011

I am a pig

I am such a pig.



I have been trying for the past few days, racking my brains out, on the verge of pulling my hair out, to try to find the most suitable hosting site for my online store.

And after that have been trying to transfer the photos and description and every single itty bitty, trying to beautify it, paid for the premium package, and now its ready to be launched!


the domain that i bought from the previous website can only be transferred after 60 days from the date it was purchased!


i so badly wanted it to be launched today in view of the screening of the drama tmr.


Why did i have to switch the hosting site then?

1. The previous one blurrified my images.
2. The previous one needs flash player to load and can't be viewed on Iphone. And most people are apple fans ):
3. The slider view is retarded, in other words, not smooth and makes my photos stuck.

In short, I'm still stuck at the site.

and what's worse, I've paid for the premium package at the other hosting site too!

If I cancel, I get my money back, but i LOSE all my designs, waste my time and effort.

If I don't cancel, I waste my money.

It's really the saying of  血汗钱-blood sweat money

Above are the 5 images that I was promised in return for the sponsorship of my designs (:

Check out the synopsis here!

One more day for the drama-Perfect Deception to be aired!

6 December, 10.30pm on Channel 5 (: 

At the meantime, please make do with the problemaaaaatic site *clicks*