Saturday, December 31, 2011

neutrally important

Don't you think that every girl has gotta have an essential piece of clothing which goes with almost anything? I'm so glad I bought this piece of nude ruffled skirt from Chatuchak, bangkok during my July trip this year. It  allows me creates the above 7 looks for now =p there could be more possible ones but I was tired after creating these 7 looks!

With neutral colours, it performed well using 3 belts ( of which the leopard print belt was well fashion utilised) some accessories and tonnes of random tops.

Look 1: Sassy look

turquoise offshoulder top. gifted. leopard print belt.random shop. nude skirt. bkk. flower hairpin. DIY. red clutch. ferragamo

The best part of this outfit which i love is how a simple floral hairpin can bring out the demureness in the outfit, contrasting with the loud red clutch that adds an omph factor

Look 2-3: Neutrals

white spag. g2000. nude skirt. bkk. leopard print belt. random shop

A much simpler outfit playing with just the neutrals 

Added a black feather necklace here in case it was too neutrally boring. Of course, massive accessories could be stacked here too, but I decided to go simple (:

Look 4: Mildly punk

Washed out vintage top. bugis. nude skirt. bkk. gold cuff. hongkong. metallic necklace. fareast

This top was really really washed out so much that I can't remember if it was like this when I bought it or the colour faded. It was supposed to have this vintage wash out effect, which was the main reason I bought it. Can you see the faint flowers near the neckline?

Look 5: Floral affair

Rosette top. Ann siang. Leopard print belt. random shop. nude skirt. bkk

Love the rosettes of the top, suddenly transforming the outfit from the above girlish and punkish feel.

Look 6 : The sixties

Vintage top. bugis. black vintage belt. g2000. nude skirt. bkk

Love how this offshoulder green splashed top and that gold buckled belt adds a vintage feel to this outfit. Didn't actually thought that ruffles and vintage could go together.

Look 7 : The boy

White top. random. brown belt. bugis. nude skirt. bkk

A random top that I found from my closet. With the brown belt, this outfit is totally more MAN. hahaha! Manly belt with ruffled skirt, an interesting concoction I would say (:

Guess which outfit I chose for today? =p

desert at max brenner. yums. but a tad too sweet though. nice for an occassional pamper (:

Happy new year eve!