Thursday, September 27, 2012

Sprouting by the beach

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The start of our 2nd nice food hangout place we had last week (following the first from kombi rocks since my bf got to drive as his buddy was out of town. Yayness)

We headed to brussels sprouts at East Coast Park since we had the joy of driving around and heading to less shopping-centre-crowded-with-people places.

First on the menu for dinner was this sweet fruit wine-grape flavoured which the waiter introduced.




The drink turned out to be pretty good, much like alcoholic ribena. I love it!
Many a times it is either too much like fruit juice, or the wine taste is too overwhelming.
But for this, the concoction of the grape and alchohol is just right for me

Le bf made friends with our doggy neighbour behind

Who doesn't love moustache rings? they are so fun to play with!

We ordered a small portion of mussels (since brussels sprouts is famous for that!) in the flavour of gratinee, which cooking ingredients included cheese and eggs( i think).Love the cheesy flavour. But I think I prefer the boiled ones that I had with Angeline the first time I dined at brussels sprouts.

Love the complimentary serving of fries that came with the mussels.Not the usual kinda skinny fries from macs or KFC! You can actually taste the soft potato beneath the batter and I love that, lightly salted


I couldn't remember the name of our mains but it comprised of medium cooked duck breast, with small potatos, baby carrots, beans, onions

The sauce was quite good, but I didn't enjoy the mains that much as I kinda had sensitive teeth which makes my jaw hurt quite a bit when I chew too much.

And the duck was pretty chewy.

But nonetheless, i loved the meal, the ambience, and of course the company (:

The meal set us back a decent $70+ but I reckon, once a while, we deserve a pamper for ourselves!

Brussel sprouts
East coast park-Big splash

902 East Coast Parkway
Block F Unit #01-27Big SplashSingapore 449874