Wednesday, February 15, 2012

eleven roses

table for two at hort park (:

whole grained bread with balsamic vinegar and oliver oil

slow cooked salmon with wrap

anchovie garlic foam soup with roasted pork belly

eleven roses

entre beetroot. and the photo i secretly hid in his wallet when he went to retrieve the roses
from the car

my codfish with shellfish sauce risotto

his beef tenderloin with duck foie gras

love the lava chocolate cake with a little of spicyness <3

my attempt of blueberry cheesecake cookies for him. which isn't as nice
as it looks, unfortunately

something i wanted soooo much and which he continuously ignore me everytime
i say i wanna watch.

and turns out the dinner with his friends on 3rd march which he asked me to keep my night free some time ago was actually for wicked (:

my first reaction when i accidentally saw the photo of this envelope in his phone when he asked me to
qc that night's photo was " who was this from! who's his dar! how dare he have another dar when spending valentine's day with me!"

and i was honestly miffed and wanted to ask who is dar

then my brain quickly digested the piece of photo

and i was enlighted

dar is yours truely :p

eleven roses (: