Sunday, February 19, 2012

hello kitty, ma maison

turquoise basic. zara. yellow tube. bugis. belt. bugis. leopard bangle. diva. vintage watch. hongkong

romantic candle light dinner at ma maison for junjun's belated bdae celebration.
love the interior

oogling at the awesome looking tarts behind

happy birthday junjun! love from trina and i (: 

yums. trina's blueberry tart. expensive but awesome

happy girl!

seafood paella. not as good as i hoped it will be.
never gonna find back the same taste as in spain ):

cute table number and key tags used to identify the table number for
settling of the bill

slurps. after dinner mixed berry tart


kumar girls!

hello kitty! with lash and blusher!
soo pretty! (:



my seat (:

He wanted to buy me a soft toy to put in the car.
and we spent weeks kitty-ing for the right one.

and this was it!


but it was too cute i kidnapped it back home.

he said  insisted to buy another one next month to put in the car as i was in a delimma as to
whether to bring kitty home (: