Friday, February 10, 2012

flower power, picnic and hello kitty

cute little containers for my trinkets at

dad is deciding what's for lunch. the unhealthy curry or spicy hotpot

“啊!你偷拍我!“  ( ah! you secretly took a photo of me) was what dad said when he realised I took photo of him. 

bbq eel congee for my bad throat

“你拍了吗?” (have you taken a photo?)


Floral low cut back top. cotton on. high waisted ribbon shorts. bugis. love necklace. red vintage box bag. thrifted from switzerland flea market. gold vintage watch. gifted

food prepared by him for our picnic (:

isn't the view lovely (:


fulfilling what i have always wanted : to read a book by the beach

sleeping so soundly (:

 hello kitty loot from the hello kitty event that he bought tickets for us (: