Friday, February 03, 2012

cramps that were worth the cramps

oversized vest ( bought for my brother, but he didn't like it, so i kept it for myself), vintage brooch, handmade The Dancing Jewels , leopard print belt, next, white skirt, malaysia, mustard bag, bkk, vintage gold watch, gifted

My nails. Isnt it bimbo? love it :p

I ordered online from taobao, with the help of my very kind friend who helped me to bring it back

Some of the order designs of the nails I ordered (:

koi (: while waiting for him to knock off after work to do shopping for his makeover at Tangs

A mini abalone dinner

Thank you, for massaging my foot when it was cramping badly, even when people were staring (:
Looks like the cramps resulting from the walking of 1.5km in heels were worth it.

After which, we went to pick his "bf" (who touched down from shanghai/shag-hai) up with a bottle of apple cider (: