Saturday, September 04, 2010

bloop bloop and nom nom

Bloop bloop. I went for a swim yesterday.
My dear swimming pool, i'm sorry for neglecting you for 3 months. I had my reasons ):
but now I'm back. yayys!

Swam 20laps in 30 minutes
I saw a pregnant mummy-to-be swimming leisurely in the pool.
I think the baby in the stomach will enjoy it (:
maybe she is trying her little one for the olympics! Xiao fei yu J, you have a competitor!

Popped by J's house for a little while after my swim

J's adorable "to-save" list

J and her pink nails which I did for her

and my olive green nails. I'm a little green goblin (;

how often do you get house manicure service? hehe

A quick snap of the photo before I had to rush off for my dinner appointment

Look at the cute kitty lying at the carpark! Really lying around as if the lot belongs to him

My outfit (: hee. the chiffon pants that i bought when I was out with Ali a few days ago. Simply got to wear it before I start work!

Was inspired by Suzie's (from stylebubble) chiffon jumpsuit when I saw it on her blog. And was absolutely thrilled when i saw chiffon pants when I was out with Ali. I seldom see chiffon pants around!

and my beige booties that I bought some time back out my olive green nails (:

I was late. I'm sorry guys. many apologies cos I went for a swim and dropped by J's house and couldn't bear to leave. heh. And so Yati and Kevin kindly went to Tampopo to queue first. i knew you guys wouldn't be mad at me *smiles sweetly to try to atone for being late*

We tried the black pork dumplings. Pretty good (:

Kevin and his black pork shabu shabu hot pot

Yati and her fried rice. they had a special name which I couldn't catch. But its just normal fried rice to me. and yes the shrimps are Japan imported. but.. they are still dried shrimps to me after all.hahaha!

Kevin wants a peekture too

Yati and I (:
woooots! check out the ingredients *plotting on which item to steal*

can't wait to tuck it!

then we had desert at Orchard Central's Heaven's Loft.
We ordered the Heavenly experience(if i'm not wrong), but i wasn't exactly very satisfied with it. its tooo little for me ): and we shared it among the 3 of us. The berries were sour ): But I liked the creme brulee and the apple crumble.The apple crumble was warm and nice.yummm.

The rest were pretty normal, not really fantastic. I still preferred bakerzin's cakes (:

After that it was pretty late(almost midnight), so i jokingly bugged and pestered Kevin to drive us home after we cab to his house. it was a joke.seriously. but he relented. so we went for a house visit. haha so fun! he had alot of interesting stuff. But we missed out on his mighty B. wallet. *grumbles* he saw that we were close to the wallet but didnt tell us that it was that mighty B wallet and so we didnt pay attention to it. pfft.

its fun going for house visit (: first to J's messy loft, then to Kevin's neat house.hahaha.
more house visits! =D