Saturday, September 18, 2010

hueys in malacca

Had a short trip to Malacca from 12-15 september, to visit my relatives there. and it was awesome (:
Being in a different country from the closest cousin I could ever have, its really pretty sad that we can only meet like once a year ):

But I'm really happy that this time, we snapped lots of peektures for keepstakes (:
and here are a few of my favourites.
and she's only 2 days younger than me. so her birthday is coming too!
syin and i, playing with my geek spects (:
we are the geek cousins

and so i realised, my faces are normally... not normal. not the usual smiles.
okay at least I still have one here (:

we love playing with our fake lashes!

My cousin chose the more natural one

while mine is something more bimbo. with blings.
totally loving it! Its the B lashes. and B is for bimbo (:

and here's a picture of the me, with the little girl my aunt's looking after.
and her tongue's purple after chewing her vitamins.
and she's being mischevious, always showing funny faces whenever I asked her to take a photo

she's nikko, aged 6 (: and really quite pretty when she doesn't show her funny faces!
her natural locks are bouncy and curly. I would love to have my hair like hers
and she's a dear (: except when she's hyperactive like a little monkey and chatters non-stop.
but now that i'm back in singapore, I miss her endless chattering, and constant requests to ask me to piece, and repiece the new puzzle i bought her

that photo was a natural shot when we were enjoying the coconut shake.
its awesomely great and the queue is really long. and I heard my cousin said alot of singaporean flocks there for the awesome coconut shake

It has coconut juice, with coconut icecream and tiny bits of coconut flesh inside one serving.
what can beat this in such a hot blazing weather

I so miss the coconut shake!


Mieko and Nikko piecing the puzzle I bought for them to play with.

Mieko is my 6 year old niece, and she has a talent for drawing and handicraft

Both girls create really pretty art pieces. and its really cute, seeing them sit side by side drawing

Aren't they absolutely adorable! I'm so proud of her (:

It's only 2 days, and I miss them