Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bahaha, My birthday is coming up real soon =p

And I shall do up my wishlist so that I can work towards achieving them when I have enough moolah

1. Lavin perfume- Eclat d’Arpège
Eclat d’Arpège is classified as fruity-floral. Lanvin revives the musical theme of his legendary Arpege perfume. The composition is delicate, fragile and angelic. Eclat d’Arpège’s first accords are green lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves which transports us to the first day of spring. Summer’s near , flowers are in full bloom, the scent is more intense, it’s a wisteria blossom that blooms at perfume’s heart, accentuated by lush peach blossom and sensual red peony. Airy green tea leaves are refreshing. The base’s white cedar of Lebanon, gentle musk and precious amber are like an enveloping caress. 

I first got it on my 21st birthday. It was the first perfume I had and used, and I fell in love with it. Its like love at first smell (:

2. Sushi Tei membership card

Sushi Tei Card

Sushi Tei has the most yummious sushi that I can afford.
Speaking of which, I haven't eaten Sushi Tei for ages.


One of my favourites has to be the Dragon roll-The roll consisted of prawn tempura, crab stick and cucumber topped with unagi, avocado, tobiko (flying fish roe) and kabayaki sauce(eel sauce).

3. A nice watch that I can wear to work

I think this was the watch that Di was wearing the other day. And i thought it was really pretty (:
I do prefer leather strap watches more than those with metallic chains, though the current watch I have is that of a metallic watch from Esprit.

4. Clothes for work

-Jackets: e.g Tweed jacket:

-Work dresses/jump suits ( so that I do not have to rack my brains on deciding what to wear for work! and I certainy hope I can wear jump suits for work!)

A more formal work dress


A less formal work dress in turquoise! love the colour and the cutting of the dress

* images of clothes from lovebonito and lilypirates

5. Pretty and Comfortable heels for work. But seriously, heels are all so high and painful, and there are hardly any pretty yet comfortable heels around. sigh.

6. Have enough money to pay off my 'debts' due to my europe trip, and LASIK operation

7. Save enough for a little trip to travel overseas (e.g Bangkok/Redang)

8. Have enough to spend on a longer trip ( Japan/ Korea/ Taiwan)