Sunday, September 26, 2010

Seashell and her little adventure

I just collected 2 little female hamsters from Jiadi's friend's friend.

And I named them coral, and seashell, so that they names complement pebbles (:

Coral: pretty mild and adorable, whiter in colour, the older sister of seashell

Seashell: A more aggressive and hyperactive hamster, that bit her poor sister, Coral until she bled. And thats when I had to separate them and put Seashell in the shoebox since she attempted to attack Pebbles as well. Loves to take photos, and stay absolutely still infront of the lens.

Pebbles: A male hamster, that is about a year old. Pretty much of a silly hamster--> himbo. Very well behaved and doesn't bite. Occassionally bullied by Coral when Coral sits on his head and he lies still without moving.

Seashell peering out of her temporary shoebox house before I had the time to get her her new cage. And that must be when she plotted her escape!

Before I slept last night, at about 2am, I checked to make sure that all my babies are in their houses. But I woke up this morning to my horror that Seashell bit a hole through the top of the shoebox and escaped.

I was so frantic and was on all fours trying to search for seashell. I searched all the rooms, hall, kitchen, bomb shelter and to no avail. I was so depressed. I even let Coral and Pebbles out of the cage, hoping that they would bring me to Seashell, but to no avail ):

And thats when I googled to find steps to lure Seashell out.

I set up food traps all around the house, with one in each room, the kitchen and infront of my piano.
I crinkled the aluminium foil and lay it beneath the pile of sunflower seeds. I think I hid say like 15-20 crinkled aluminium foil all around the house, especially in dark corners so that when Seashell scoots past, I can hear the sound.

I was really depressed and had a slight headache, probably cos I didn't sleep enough. After setting the traps, I attempted to sleep. But I jumped at every little sound I hear, wondering if that was Seashell, and scooting off in the direction of the sound, only to my dismay to discover that it was just the sound caused by the wind.

And while I was sleeping, my dad scooted into the room to tell me that he found Seashell!


I was so happy! (:
Apparently Seashell was hungry and was went to the food trap in front of the piano to gobble up the sunflower seeds, and thats when my dad heard the crinkle of the aluminium foil and caught it!

Thats when I finally heaved a sign of relief. I was worried sick when she was missing and luckily she was found, if not I'll be still worried and sick at work.

I set it into its new little cage, with fresh shavings, water and sunflower seeds (imported from Japan. Good stuff! so don't run away again, seashell!)