Sunday, November 04, 2012

Floral skyfall

Sneak peeks of outfit worn yesterday (:

Floral pencil skirt. F21. turquoise offshoulder.random. brown vintage white rose belt. bugis. bracelets. thedancingjewels. ring. hongkong

阿呆 1
silly 1

阿呆 2
silly 2

silly acting cute

Thats my boy.
always giving silly poses

Meiji green tea chocolate squares.
A little disappointing though as the green tea taste was quite faint.

We also bought the rum one (wrapper is light lavender in colour).
It actually tasted quite awesome and the rum is pretty strong.

le bf likes it

Dinner after skyfall 

*plays james bond music*

We thought of trying pique-nique as I didn't get to try it with J and G for my birthday celebration as the branch from Mandarin gallery was really packed.

The service was so bad then ( on a sunday afternoon 2 weeks ago). The cafe seemed crowded and so we stood at the entrance waiting for our turn. Nobody attended to us. But yet the staff can take turns to walk pass us to get something from the bf, or go to the washroom. They could have at least informed us that the cafe was packed and we had to wait for say 20mins or something.

But no. We were totally transparent.

All the waiting and lack of service made me miffed and I went up to the counter enquiring about the availability of the tables. All she replied was no, there are no seats. and that was it. 

No apologies for that or following up saying the approximate waiting time. When I asked her how long we had to wait, she said: I don't know.

Seriously what kinda service is this especially when we will be paying a little premium for the food? and service charge?

I refused to wait given this kinda service and I headed with my girls for another place to chill. We ended up eating at Robert Timms. Will update soon about Robert Timms experience.

Alright, enough of side track. Back to yesterday (hehe).
As usual, we were left waiting at the entrance with nobody attending to us, so we just heading it as it was pretty empty given it was already 9.30pm or so.

we are dining under the tree

le bf commented that there were no light bulbs in the lamp. heh.
oh well, they are just for decoration and ambience

I made le bf "crush" the cup.

well not really crush. heh.
but the glass cup was in a frumbled,squashed shape, and I thought it'll be cute if he pretended that he squashed the class :D 

We shared a plate of pique nique's Big Breakfast at $15.80

It comes with complimentary orange juice or coffee.
Orange juice was obviously just syrup.

We liked the thick toast with magarine.
But was pretty disappointed as the bacon was overly fried as can be seen for the shade of it. And it tasted pretty tough. Pork sausage was tasty but poached eggs tasted weird. They served it with olive oil? which seemed weird? I thought poached eggs were supposed to go with hollaindase sauce.

I checked with the waitress and she mentioned that hollaindase sauce is for egg's benedicts.
I didn't know what was the difference then.

Apparently a quick google revealed the answer.

Eggs Benedict is a dish that consists of a half of an English muffin, topped with ham or bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce.

A poached egg is just 


In short, I didn't really enjoy the breakfast set.

Wanted to try the desserts  but the cakes didn''t look very appetizing and there seemed to be nothing worth on the menu for me to spend my moolah and calories on.

Honestly, I wouldn't dine at Pique-nique again.

I still prefer my choupinette experience.

Read it here (:

Pique Nique.
Jurong East MRT