Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Travel tips-Bangkok

#1 Sim card

We got the sim card at the bookstore of the departure hall of Don Mueang Airport as we flew Airasia. You can also get the 3G sim card at any 7-11. Request for the sim card for iphone from the cashier. Apparently it is 49baht for unlimited 3G for a day, and 200baht for a week.My brother topped up 200baht for a week at a shot, if not we would have to go to activate the daily unlimited 3G each day.

The sim card costs 50baht for an empty sim card.  You can also head to any 7-11 stores and tell the cashier the amount you want to top on. Key in the amount into the little machine at the side, and make payment. viola its done!

Initially we faced some difficulties due to communication problems at the airport for the purchase of sim card. In the end, we resolved it by bringing it back to the hotel conceirge for help.

1. Buy card.
2.Activate  the card.
3. Top up money
4. Activate daily/weekly wireless package - very impt otherwise your money balance will be depleted very fast as you will be charged per kb.
5. Surf!

Local calls in bkk cost about 2baht per minute

#2 Taxi at Wat Pho

The Grand Palace being a popular tourist spot had many taxis lining up at the exit waiting for passengers. But also it resulting in taxis not going by meter. We were prepared to pay a flat fee for the trip to chinatown, but were not prepared to be extorted.

The first taxi tried to extort us by quoting us 400baht for the short trip. Ridiculous! The 2nd one quoted 250--> 200 baht. We finally found a reasonable one at 150 baht.

Apparently, the taxi rates goes lower as you board the taxi towards the end of the queue. Probably because the taxi's infront are at a more strategic location.

 Lesson: Just go straight to the taxi in the middle of the queue to quote or ask for the price. 

#3 VAT Tourist tax claims

There is 7% VAT refund for tourists who spend 2000 baht at a shop, in a day
But please note that admin fees at the airport for VAT claims take up 100baht

Also remember to have the store chop and sign the receipt, and also at the airport when you check in before you can proceed to make the VAT claims located after you pass the customs.

#4 Refreshments/comfort on plane

In the event that the plane gets delay on, it's always good to have your own stash of food supplies.

Bring your own stash of food items-bread/biscuits,
Sweets and chocolates- when your mouth gets dry on the plane,

and also refill your water (bring an empty bottle and refill it after you check in and cross the customs at Changi Airport).Or purchase it before you board the plane.

Also pack a cardigan in case the aircon gets chilly, and a pillow rest for your neck or back

#5 Hot Lemon tea

During my dad's trip, he constantly needed hot ice lemon tea for recharged and he claimed that it really brightens his eyes!

TIP: Bring a box of lipton tea, and always limes.

Easy recharge back in the hotel!