Sunday, November 18, 2012

lao fu zi

Hair is growing longer. yayys!(:

Had a short meetup with my favourite girl D yesterday.Check out my new awesome possum shades.
Isn't it absolute loves?!
 Doesn't it remind you of lao fu zi spects?
She is so totally bad influence. Only with her do I buy such stuff! heh.
but then, it's only with her do I enjoy myself so much.

I was supposed to be on a mission to find heels for work, but the day ended up with D buying shoes, me buying rings (due to her excessive goading to close the gap of our shopping expenses) and us buying shades

The new trio rings I bought (:
so pretty!

but so much guilt from shopping especially when we just came back respectively from bangkok

My favourite girl

Printed skirt. brown vintage structured bag. ruffles offshoulder bangkok(from my latest trip)

Really really love my skirt. I think I repeated this like 4 times to D. hehe. and my bag,its so structured I love it. and my vintage shoes. 

Arm party: Moustache vintage watch, leopard diamontee studded bracelet, inspired tory burch faux leather bracelet in black. disco balls bangle.hello gold wired bracelet.

I love all my jewelry!! yes its of gold and black and bling!

Truly great friends are hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget