Saturday, November 10, 2012

The B the K the K-Day 1 (9 nov'12)

My first baht spent on mineral water on the plane. Lesson learnt: bring empty bottle and top on water at the departure gate. In unlucky moments like being delayed in the plane for an hour, water is essential.

Amari watergate

dad: why ah. why wireless cannot go in?

always ever-ready to search for wireless and check into facebook

Asking the concierge guy for help for the3G SIM card.totally doesnt help to have messages popping up in thai

Random musical instrument

Purple-blue vintage watch vintage.necklace.handmade

Still trying to sign into wireless

Our room.

Just pretty disappointed that the mattress for the 3rd bed was flimsy and sinky and soft. And we had to request twice for the 2nd mattress as the metal grid on the make-shift bed can be felt 

Bottled drinks


Spicy papaya salad with crispy fish

Yummy pha thai! dad mixed all the chilli flakes in which made me nearly pull out hair in 'fury'. literally. brains and ears on fire

Basil leaf chicken with egg and rice

favourite mango sticky rice

random lion dance

Filming dad filming lion dance

People many, many people.

Bought a handmade synthetic leather bag from this handicraft market located  outside big C shopping centre. Apparently this little flea market is on every thursday and friday.

I bought 2 pcs of synthetic leather bag that costs about 550baht each after bargaining.(One for 590baht originally).One for me, one for my bro's gf (:

Was quite disappointed as one of the strap for the bag straps was fiitted with the wrong colour ( they fitted dark brown instead of black), and noted white scratch on one of the handles.

Had to go back to have the strap changed. And it ended up they used a thicker one. It wasn't nice ); sigh. And only after I reached back to my hotel room did I realise the brown bag had a deep etch at one of the sides.

so sad. but oh wells, considering it is only 550 baht.what to do! i shall be happy!

leeching onto my bro's 3G at macs

Pink shirt chicken rice

Dad hard at work trying to check in, but to no avail,as many of the locations to choose from was in thai. hehe

Which pretty babe/man is dad looking at??

"no! i dont wanna take photos!"

"okay okay, just one photo"

tasteless cold chinese tea for 2baht that every table has there.

Their special sauce which is abit salty, sourish and spicy for the chicken rice, a different experience from the usual chilli sauce in singapore.

The chicken rice was quite disappointing. Rice was alright, not fantastic. Chicken was fatty and pretty bland. And they gave majority chicken breast when we ordered halfchicken. Did I mention how much I hate chicken breast?

Perhaps it was because it was so raved about 2 years ago that the number of customers increased so much standard dropped.

Dad was greatly disappointed. 

Total cost:  374baht


checking in again.

Finally back to the hotel for some rest.

Welcomed by the light music of the 'random musical instrument' that we snapped photo of when we first checked in.

Oh boy were we dead beat!

Day 2 coming up tmr (: