Sunday, November 11, 2012

The B the K the K-Day 2 (10 nov'12)

Good morning saturday! (:
some early morning stretching exercise for all the food!

Camwhore with my beloved dad 
check out his new pout
Floral shorts.bejewelled necklace.shades. raybans

Breakfast at Platinium mall foodcourt. I helped dad to order pork meat ball  noodles which was quite tasty! but dad didnt like it.

I ordered fried glass noodles which ended up tasting the same as phat tai except that a different type of noodles  is used

Found this random gem in CTC market as we turned out from one of the little alleys. I liked the duck noodles more than the duck rice. Thai food are general very strong in the taste and this duck soup is really tasty! spot the wolfberries in the duck noodles.

Dad approves this stall

Coke at such a weather is a life saver.

1 duck rice, 1 duck noodles, 2 coke: 128 baht

Saw heaps of people at  this chicken rice stall after we finished our first round of duck rice. And we decided to order one plate of chicken rice and springroll to try.

Not very fantastic actually. Except for the crispy springroll which I think was pretty good

chicken rice and springroll
70 baht

Guess what?

After walking some distance we chanced upon this chicken drumstick noodles stall that this reader was raving about online. But we didn't really like it that much. The soup was abit too sweet for my liking and the drumstick was pretty bland.

It was a consensus that the duck noodles beat this hands down

oh gawd. the amount of food we eat

 Coconut ice cream for the sweltering heat.

Coconut ice cream with nata de coco and some coconut flesh with complimentary tiny cup of coconut juice.

30 baht.

Not anything really fantastic, but nonetheless, something interesting to try

Chill out at UCC coffee house Union mall

The awesome tom yum goong at Siam food hall basement.

omg. awesome.

initially i was pretty disappointed when the cook added tom yum paste as we were hoping the soup was home-cooked style.

But then, this tasted awesome!


Must be the carnation milk added that gave the tom yum this extra level of rich taste.

And love that egg 

Thats all for day 2 of bkk trip.

We will be hitting the temples tmr.

meanwhile, goodnight!