Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The B the K the K-Day 3 (11 nov'12)

Random hidden gem found at a shopping centre around pratanum area, just around the corner of Amari Watergate hotel. It was located at the level 5 foodcourt in the shopping centre

Pork leg with crispy pork cutlet, pig skin and salted vegetables.

Spot the little bowl of sauce behind? Its concocted with a mixture of orange juice, thai fish sauce, garlic and pcs uncut chilli padi, basically just a mixture of all the ingredients at provided by the stall to go with your meal.

Totally love the saltish, sourish and a tad spicyness of the sauce. Oh boy. It goes really great with the pork. And pig skin is so sinful right? I know!

But, this once in a while indulgence, especially when I don't take this in singapore, its perfectly fine.
uh huh. it is. I know

My dad is really satisfied with this meal. heh. we ordered 1 portion of it to try, and another portion of it cos its yummy! (:

It cost 50baht per plate (40 baht for the pork leg rice, and another 10baht for the added pork cutlet)

After brunch, we headed over to Wat Po-Temple of reclining buddha

Entrance fee is 100baht per person.

Do keep a lookout for scammers that tell you that the temple is closed and try to bring you to somewhere else. My brother experienced it 2 years ago. 

For girls, be clad in an attire that covers your shoulders, chest and legs. I threw on a maxi dress with a thin tribal cotton on top.

Also for shoes, it is better to be in cover shoes that can be easily taken off and worn as you will be required to remove your shoes and keep it in the bag provided when you enter the Reclining Buddha section.

As for guys, my brother wore a casual T-shirt with folded up jeans and snickers.
But we noted lots of males tourists dressed in berms. I supposed it is alright so long the shorts is longer than the knee, and if you will not be entering the Grand Palace later on. 

For the Grand Palace, I think that guys are required to be adorned in long pants.

46 meters long and 15 meters high, this huge golden buddha, the largest reclining Buddha in Thailand is part of one of the oldest and largest temples in Bangkok which dates back to the 16th century and which was rebuilt in 1781 by King Rama 1.

The reclining buddha is covered in gold leaf and has mother of pearl in-laid feet.

The reclining buddha being a magnificent statue is an awesome sight to snap photo of. But the area is really small, and cramped with tourists, with little space and many pillars blocking.

Wishing bowls

For 20 baht of donation, change for a bowl of coins to throw into the row of 'merit'-black metal bowls lined around the corner of the reclining buddha.

Throwing coins into loads of bowls making loud noises in a temple apparently brings you good luck.

Only after I depleted my container of coins as I randomly threw 1-3 coins in each bowl, and took some from my brother, did my dad told me that I'm supposed to throw 1 coin into each cointainer, until when there is excess, to throw the remaining into the final bowl.oopsie.

My dad multi-tasking as he is trying to check into the reclining buddha temple on facebook, even before wearing his shoes properly. tsk.

Put the bags for the shoes back into the container after exiting from the temple.

Nautical striped maxi. random. trible top. cotton on. canvas bag.bodyshop.shades. raybans

Family photo (:

The walk from the temple to the Grand palace took about 20mins. Hurray to my brother for having 3G to follow the directions per google map :D

Click here on details of getting 3G simcard in bangkok.

Popped by Grand palace for a photo as my dad wasn't interested in exploring

Tummy indulgence at Nan xing-Chinatown.

Located approx a 15 min drive away from The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace being a popular tourist spot had many taxis lining up at the exit waiting for passengers. But also it resulting in taxis not going by meter. We were prepared to pay a flat fee for the trip to chinatown, but were not prepared to be extorted.

The first taxi tried to extort us by quoting us 400baht for the short trip. Ridiculous! The 2nd one quoted 250--> 200 baht. We finally found a reasonable one at 150 baht.

Apparently, the taxi rates goes lower as you board the taxi towards the end of the queue. Probably because the taxi's infront are at a more strategic location. Lesson: Just go straight to the taxi in the middle of the queue to quote or ask for the price. 

Finally, we reached the air-conditioned restaurant, it was bliss. Especially after the morning temple session under blistering heat.

We ordered a bowl of superior red shark fins-1500baht to try, and 3 bowls of bird nest-500baht each.

OH boy, the sharkfins soup was awesome. Not very environment friendly to take sharkfins, but.. its like once after 10 years or even longer! I am actually just in love with the soup as I probably can't tell the difference between the different grades of shark fins. Perhaps next time I shall just choose the normal type of shark fins/fish maw and just enjoy the soup (:

Total 3000 baht

We headed over to Central World for my brother's turn to shop. He was greatly satisfied at Massimo Dutti where he bought 2 shirts and 1 pants at 1950baht each.

There is also 7% VAT refund for tourists who spend 2000 baht at a shop, in a day.
But please note that admin fees at the airport for VAT claims take up 100baht!

Which reduced my brother's tax claims from 250baht to 150 baht.

Also remember to have the store chop and sign the receipt, and also at the airport when you check in before you can proceed to make the VAT claims located after you pass the customs.

We had dinner at Nara, one of thailand's best restaurants. yummy!

The popular item was the Fried fish with lemon grass and garlic (about 450/470 baht), and the individual rice/items cost about (115-175baht). Dad needed his hot lemon tea to recharge (95baht for the tiny pot, and 15baht for one-time refill of hot water)

The rice was really fragrant and I loved it with the mixture of the sauce provided for the fish. 



My shopping loot thus far.

So little right ):

Oh wells! At least my wardrobe won't be stressed out by the weight of my new loot!