Saturday, February 09, 2013

Fishy business

A recent trip made down to Jurong Fish Port in anticipation of le bf's family reunion last week

Pretty interesting experience since it was the first time I stepped into the fish port. Bursting with fishes and prawns. Only a handful of stores sell crabs and most do not entertain small purchases. Fishes and prawns are all sold by kgs

Can you spot the giant fish in the above picture? Its so heavy it needs 2 people to carry it!

I feel totally like a mountain tortoise there. heh, so many giant fishes and prawns

Spot my loot on the table. Its another one of those days that i'Il rather cook up simple dishes at home then to buy food from downstairs. Featuring the lead dish, braised red grouper (freshly bought from jurong fish port that morning), ma po toufu and French beans with minced pork (: