Saturday, February 09, 2013

Reunion dinner 2013

Sea cucumber with pork and fried leek with minced pork by auntie.

After 3 hours of preparation. A different reunion dinner this year compared to previous tradition of steamboat.

First attempt of Poon choi with modification of celebrity chef, Eric teo's poon choi recipe and zao an ni hao receipe by Liang YongHua and yours truly.

Poon choi:

Abalone, Scallop, Oyster, Prawns, Fish Maw, Roast Pork, Roast Duck, Broccoli, Pork leg, Mushroom, yam and fa choi.

First layer: Yam (steamed, coated with flour, fried before putting it in the clay pot.

2nd layer: Pork leg and fish maw ( which absorbs the essence of the gravy. slurps)

3rd layer: Flower mushroom sauteed with seasame oil and ginger

Top layer: Fried roasted pork and duck to make them more crispy, oyster ( soaked dry and cooked with oyster stock- made from chicken stock, water, water from soaking oyster and scallop), abalone- double boiled for 2 hours, scallop soaked and steamed for 20 mins, prawns.

Fresh fish from Senoko: steamed for 15mins, pour away water. Saute ginger, red onions, garlic till fragrant, scoop up the oil and set aside. Add light soya, fish sauce and water and bring to boil with ingredients. Pour over fish and drizzle hot oil over.

Dad was very satisfied with the meal considering the poon choi costed less than $100 for 5 mouths. Especially the fish maw that soaked up the oyster stock essence and the soft tasty yam.

And the $100 also included excess scallops, oysters, mushrooms and roasted duck that couldnt fit into the claypot- which he specially bought since he said it only costed $11.90, even though we have a claypot that's bigger at home.

And he happily declared that he wants a 2nd round since there are extra ingredients, including the abalone he managed to snag at a whooping good deal of $29.90

tsk tsk! greedy dad. He happily gobbled down the rest of the food in the claypot after I said that it seems that the food quantity can be finished today and need not keep till tmr.

But i'm glad the dinner turned out to be a success. yayys!

Happy CNY 2013!

These chinese year, I have dedicated my 2 first times. My first time doing poon choi, and also my first time taking part in the smoke festival-->  going to the temple to offer incense at the wee hours.

It's really pretty interesting to see bazuka style joss-sticks and super kanjiong aunties running towards the gate when they are let in batch by batch by the temple adminstrator. But oh, really really smoky affair.

See my little bazuka at the right side of the picture.