Saturday, February 02, 2013

WS Surprise project ♥

A surprise project ( next biggest one following my first feature in Channel 5's drama Perfect deception that was aired in Aug'12) that spanned a period of about 6 months, immaculously planned by the boyfriend Wilson ( studying in US) to his girlfriend Shiqi Zhuo (residing in sg). Though countries apart, and 13 hours time zone apart, the bf never fails to be actively involved in each and every design to ensure that it suits the gf, and to ensure that is specially designed. Thank you Serene Teoh Rui Li for recommending my designs ♥ ♥

It first started off with a freedback submission at my store to enquire about a pair of earrings, before the discussion dived down to a series of surprised planned for the gf. From August'12 to Dec'12 (till shiqi goes over to US to look for Wilson), a package is planned to reach the gf by the 9th-13th of each month.9th is the day of the anniversary and well 13th is the day Wilson left for the States.

I'm really awed by the level of effort that Wilson put in, from the date of arrival of the package, the order of the jewelry to be sent, to the design of the jewelry, despite the 13 hours time difference to discuss on the details, and admist his weekend retreat of no wifi and exams!

And, with each design, comes a prose which Wilson came up with. Super impressed! Soft colours and sweet designs are the design theme I was given.

 For 13 Oct'12 : The first design of the project to kickstart the surprise. A pair of earrings with imported floral cabs, gold plated sparrow charms, swarovski crystals and pearls.

It's amazing how wilson can come up with a different prose to match each and every design (:

Thankfully I get to design first before he starts he's prose else it might pose to be a big challenge for me!

And I added in the imprinting of W ♥ S :D

Supposed to be for November's surprise: 2nd on the list was supposed to be a dust cap for iphone 5. But I was paranoid that it will not be as pretty due to the new iphone 5's dust cab being at the bottom instead of the top. And so we decided a bookmark will be good

November's surprise (9th-13th): Instead of the dustcab, Wilson and I settled on this design for Shiqi. I added in a diamonte to add some sparkle to this design.

Admist Wilson's busy retreat with no wifi for the entire weekend, we decided on this!

December's surprise (9th-13th): Next up was a set of bracelet that Wilson wanted for Shiqi.Playing with shades if turquoise, grey and cream, this simple double layered bracelet was created. And the best part is, the first crystal/pearls layered can be attached on the upcoming next necklace. Also requested by Wilson :)

At each stage of design, regular updates of designs are sent to ensure that each and every detail is to Wilson's satisfaction!

December (9th-13th) Next up was a customised ring. I intially designed this ring with imported floral cab in turquoise since the colour matches the bookmark but Wilson had different plans. And so, I designed 3 other designs (:

The survivor!

For this ring, Wilson roped in comments of Shiya, Shiqi's sister,and her other close friends through email for comments.Super sweet right!

Each design was shot with different angles so that the bf gets to review it and I'm glad it passed the standards of the panel of judges

 The original layla necklace I created for shiqi. But Wilson wanted a change of the tangerine imported sparrow cab, and to go with the change, I replaced the violet swarovski gem with baby rose as I rememberd Wilson said the gf likes pink! And the bracelet layer was thought to be too plain, so next up are the changes!

And viola, this is the final design (:

This necklace was originally planned to be put on by Wilson for Shiqi when she arrived at the US airport in December. But unfortunately due to complexity of the design and also delay in the US mail, the article only reached wilson one day after he left for the airport ): and he only managed to get from his roomie in Jan'13. Replaced the light tangerine sparrow with cream, violet gem with light rose and and added a diamontee to link the light rose swarovski gem to create a draping effect which the bf was very pleased with!

The layla design was specially created to be worn as a necklace or bracelet (:

For a more extravagant look, the simple layer of crystals and pearls can be hooked onto the necklace. 2 extra loops have been added in specially to allow easy clipping of the chain

Oui ring for the new year and final milestone of the project: A special request by Wilson to have customisations such that it is only between him and shiqi.

"Just wanted to affirm her of my commitment to the relationship at the start of the New Year."

Awwww melts.

After quite many changes to the size of the ring, the shape of "S" and "w", the "O", the final design is born.

And as usual, being the paranoid me and afraid that the final ring won't fit Shiqi, I mailed both over :D

 With about 70 email correspondances and a span of 5 months, I glad that this surprise project turned out to be a success ♥ I'm really glad that I'm able to be part of such a sweet surprise project!