Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy balentines ♥

My phone rang, and an unknown number flashed. 

I picked up the call

 it was an uncle. 


 alamak ♥ this year there's rose delivery ♥ thank you

Galaxy dress and diamontee drape necklace. online. hot pink heels. payless. moustache watch. bangkok

Happy balentine's day ♥

*shakes head left and right*

hehe. cos we had our valentine's day at little india! But it was spanish crusine in a little pub called 
Zsofi Tapas Bar.

There were 3 complimentary tapas to go with the jug of sangria. Since the tapas were complimentary, it wasn't that out of the world. Le bf ordered nachos with salsa, cucumber, celery and carrot sticks with spicy cheese mayo ( I think) and some fried cheese fritter ( which honestly tasted quite good, tho a tad salty)

I chose seafood paella rice. Had been in love with that since I first went to Spain on my grad trip and was unable to find any decent paellas in Singapore. The one here was pretty not bad! For $35, I would say the portion could feed 3 mouths (:

Zsofi paella had a tomato base taste, with pieces of dried meat, mussels, squid ( though very little) and prawns. Le bf really liked the rice (: It was cooked soft enough, resembling the risotto texture.

Paella is pronounced as pae-ya ( double 'l' is replaced with 'y' during pronounciation)
 Took a bit of spanish during my university days. It's quite fun!

The lighting was quite deem and thus all the grainy pictures ): Weather was quite bad too, with the intermittent drizzle. We decided to stay downstairs inside the bar after experiencing the bad drizzle after moving up to the roof-top. Else it would be quite an experience for me.

I like exploring interesting food hunts and places. No need for fanciful valentine's day dinner since we had one last year ( my virgin experience), and was kinda overwhelmed when I saw the menu and the price tag.

Pretty mind-blowing i must say. Since I felt that the standard of the food wasn't tagged to the ginomous price tag.

And I told le bf no need for expensive dinner this year (: considering we just had our anniversary one month ago and he bought me a new gucci wallet as my old prada one retired in grace.

 And no need for presents too, though he got me flowers and I totally wasn't expecting them (: Spot my dazzling sparkling necklace? hehe. I told him that it will be my valentine's day present though he paid for it for any occassion- trying to cheer the grumpy gf at work

Soooo, he bought me to Zsofi this year! And also after complaints that he promised to bring me to try sangria since many many many many months ago but didn't, until now.

well, better late than never.

How was your valentine's day?

Zsofi Tapas Bar
68 Dalop Street