Thursday, July 05, 2012

A duck affair

Baby kailan with shallots
Very fragant. Love how the baby kailan wasn't overcooked (;

Deep fried golden prawns with salted egg
(An average dish only, not really my liking)


Stack of crispy duck skin with prawn crackers
omg, the crispy duck skin is really good.

It's totally the credits of the awesome duck sauce

Match it with a section of spring onion and cucumber

Wrap the delicious ingredients with a dab of duck sauce

and oomph. sink your teeth into it!
It's awesome <3

There was 50% sale on the Peking Duck dish on that day we went, and the left over duck meat was sliced to fry with ee mee. Nothing really fantastic but I love it when it is mixed with the minced spring onion ginger and light soya condiment.

OH its wayyy better

A backdated post on a simple short dinner gathering with my friends that I haven't seen for some time. Nothing beats time spent together (:

Crystal Jade
Plaza Singapore