Sunday, July 29, 2012



Minced garlic
Soba ( from daiso)
Soba sauce (from daiso)
Teriyaki sauce ( picture not shown- for the fried soba)

Marinate the pork with abit of salt, light soya sauce and corn flour.
Corn flour improves the texture of the pork and makes it more springy

Cook the soba for 4-5 minutes according to the timing stipulated by the instructions on the soba pack

*tip: Bring the water to a boil and add in the soba. After which, reduce the flame to low while waiting for the soba to turn soft

Drain and wash the soba under running water.
It is not sufficient to just soak it in tap water as it will not bring out the springyness of the soba.

Repeat the steps until the water turns clear.
I repeated this for about 10 times

Drain the soba.

For a simple dish of soba, this dish is done! Just prepare the soba sauce with about 1:1 (soba sauce to water) and dip in (:

I also tried making fried soba  (:

Beat the eggs and add abit of salt and light soya sauce

Melt a spoonful of magarine

And pour in the egg mixture. Fry until the omelette turns golden brown

The egg is served!

Fry the minced garlic till golden brown and add in the pork

*tip: fry the garlic for a longer time so that the soba can soak up the fragrance of the garlic which makes sthe dish more tasty

Add the soba, soba sauce and teriyaki sauce.
For fried soba, the taste of the sauce has to be stronger else the soba would be tasteless.

Both sobas are ready for the tummies! (: