Saturday, July 14, 2012

Food fix

Complimentary warm toasted bread with lightly salted butter

I love how the bread is warm and soft, with the fusion of the lightly salted butter.
It's pretty amazing how this simple bread and butter can be awesome

Tuna steak with butter rice (about $15 or so)

I had high expectations of this dish, somehow as it was the first time I saw tuna steak on a menu. However, the first taste that triggered my taste buds, was the sourness of the steak, which I presume comes from an overdose of lemon juice. which makes me dislike this dish pretty much. And the butter rice is not really my cuppa tea. Too soft I must say

Verdict: I won't pick this dish again

Fresh prawns aglio olio (about $15 or so)

From the experience of my taste buds, the prawns are sauteered with peanut oil, which is kinda an interesting combination, something which I have had yet to try before that. I must say the spagetti is pretty tasty though a little too much oil was used in this aglio olio dish.

Verdict:  Something worthy to try

There are so many cafes/restaurants along Upper Thomson Road, and this little cosy French Restaurant caught my eye. This is the 2nd time I have tried it, and the previous times, Duck de confit went in my stomach. But the previous time I forgot to do a review. Oops. But I must say it was pretty good. Tasty crispy duck with awesome sauce. Definitely a reasonable price of $17+ or so for this french dish.

Le Petite Cruisine

227 Upper Thomson Road

Tues-Sunday 11.30am-2.30pm, 5.30pm-9.30pm
Closed on Mondays

After dinner, le bf anf I loitered around Ang Mo Kio hub before going to Woodlands custom to pick my uncle up for dinner. Then after that, it was the 2nd round of food!

Barbeque chicken wings with chilli

THIS IS OMG *slurps*

I really like how the way the chicken wings was done. The taste is indescribable, but it is kinda one of the best chicken wings that I have tried so far.

And the taste is comparable to the yummy chicken wings from Chomp Chomp. It is a good deal for me since I don't have to travel all the way down to have my chicken wing crave fix

Verdict: Two will not be enough. But I can control

Steamed baby sotong

A dish le bf ordered for my uncle to go with the beer. The guys seemed pretty satisfied with this dish. But I didn't really enjoy it as the sauce is the same as those concocted for the steamed promfret fish done in the hongkong style

Verdict: Something interesting to try, if you have not tried it before. But I won't order it a 2nd time

Sambal Stingray

Slurps Slurps

A great dish for one who likes spicy stuff but don't want to be overwhelmed with the spicy factor.
There are many spicy dishes out there that exudes too much of the chilli that will spoil the taste.
I pretty like this dish as it is not very spicy, though if you eat a fair bit of it, your taste buds will start to sizzle up.

Verdict: Lets dig it!

 Woodlands/marsling coffee shop at the hill top

oops, I don't have the exact address for it, but I will look out for it the next time I head down :D