Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tribal explosion

Watercolour spagetti top.bugis. Sparrow necklace.handmade

Sumptous family breakkie on a saturday morning with my uncle (:

tribal top and black sequin clutch.cotton on.skirt.H&M Hongkong.bangle,Hongkong

I love the colours of the outfit. Thankfully the overall look wasn't too clashy

I finally brought out my useless black sequin clutch out on my date (:

Crayfish pasta from Bakerzin

Bakerzin Jurong Point.

yum yums. Love the crayfish pasta. I bought the groupon voucher for the deal, and I must say the crayfish is pretty fresh. There were 4 crayfishes with the tomato base spagetti.

Check out the hungry boyfriend attacking the spagetti in the background

Chocolate Amer

I love! Love the light texture of the cake and chocolate, and how it easily melts in your mouth.

My favourite, bakerzin cakes